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You have many options to choose from if you're looking for a case for your iPhone 4. Cases can be used to customize your phone as well as to protect it. Some people want a case with a simple design while others prefer their cases to be more fashionable. Whatever you prefer, you do need a case to keep your phone protected from scratches, smears and other damage, so let's look at some of the leading iPhone 4 cases that are currently available.

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There is a popular case for the iPhone 4 out there by The Otterbox Defender, it has a built in screen protector and comes with a carrying device. You can still use your phone when it's in its case as there is a thin membrane that protects your touch screen. Without removing your case to the phone, you can sync it with other devices as well as charge it. Tired of finger prints and not being able to have a firm grip on your phone, this one is resistant to finger prints and the textured silicone grip gives you a sturdy hold. clash royale hack free download The Otterbox Defender is a solid protection for your iPhone 4, it sells with retailers for $50 but have seen it with online retailers for less.

This cover consists of two distinct parts that make The Belkin Shield Eclipse and unusual iPhone 4 cover. Do you want a hard shell that allows a secure soft touch grip which is clear in the upper part and colored in the lower half and allows the iPhone logo to still show. Protect your phone from the bumps and grinds of daily use and get a durable case! When it comes to Belkin, they have the best design approach is why they are well known for their innovative technology. Available in many colors is The Shield Eclipse for $30.

The Ballistic HC makes the bold claim that no tougher case for the iPhone 4 can be found anywhere. The HC stands for "hard core" and with four layers of protection including the screen, this case is definitely hard core. If your main reason for buying a case is to keep your iPhone 4 safe, this case is a good choice. This case also comes with a snap on clip which allows you to wear your phone on your belt. The fact is, many phone cases are mainly effective against superficial scratches, but the Ballistic HC offers complete protection. Typically, these cases cost around $50.

With iPhone 4 cases you have the opportunity to express your sense of style while protecting your phone. There are a wide variety of styles and colors available. Be sure to buy a durable case since its main purpose is to protect your phone. Keep the cases discussed in this article in mind while shopping for a case for your iPhone 4.

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